Private Label Mineral Makeup


Mary Van founded Demaur Cosmetics in 1987 as an industry solution. Having worked as a makeup artist in the late 70’s, Mary struggled with making the bold frosted colors work for print and media. Armed with determination and an innate sense of color and composition, Mary created a cosmetic line specifically designed for makeup artists frustrated by the same issues. In the late 90’s she introduced mineral makeup to the public through private label and custom blend offerings. It offered the best of both worlds…it blended beautifully to match all skin tones and was healthy for the skin.

The generosity and environmental stewardship at Demaur Cosmetics is evident as a company. Extra products are donated to support the local women’s shelter, which provides services to victims of domestic violence. Demaur Cosmetics has adopted several ecological solutions to environmental problems facing today’s beauty industry. A partial list of some of the programs we have implemented are:
  • wind powered electricity
  • four-day workweek
  • recycling program for employees and families
  • biodegradable cornstarch peanuts
  • printed materials on recycled paper
  • ride share incentives
  • work from home rotation
Demaur Cosmetics manufactures and distributes our own products from a 20,000 square foot building located in the heart of Texas. With a premier line of mineral makeup and cosmetics combined with the expertise and enthusiasm of our customers, Private Label Makeup lines from Demaur can be found in spas and salons across North America, Europe and Asia.


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